Why Freemason supports health care

There’s no doubt that poor health exists in our world. The food we eat and lack of exercise doesn’t help. There are so many health problems and disease. Obesity also seems more common now than it ever was.If you feel great and healthy you may be totally fine, and you probably are. Bad health usually shows itself in a variety of symptoms.


If you are tired way more often than you should be, this could be a sign that something is wrong. Be sure you are eating properly and getting enough rest. If you’re still exhausted, you may have a thyroid problem or lacking iron in your diet. Lack of iron can lead to anemia so get checked out right away if you think you’re headed down that road.

If you get sick all the time your immune system must be weak. Getting plenty of vitamin C (mangel på vitamin) in your diet should help with this. Wash your hands often and eat properly.If you still can’t kick it, you may need an prescription to clear up your cold.

If the color of your urine seems to be off it could be a sign of a kidney or bladder problem. Dark colored urine is a sign of kidney trouble. If your urine has blood in it this is a warning for bladder problems. In addition to that other symptoms can include painful urination and loss of bladder control.
Chest pain

Chest pain or discomfort could be a sign of heart or lung problems. Coughing and shortness of breath can accompany this. Get to the doctor or emergency room right away if you are having these symptoms. You may be a candidate for a heart attack or pneumonia.

Stomach trouble

Nausea, heartburn, acid reflux, constipation and diarrhea are just a few symptoms that can signal digestive problems.


Obesity can start early in life. Some are more prone to it than others. This can lead to life-long health problems. Heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure are a few of the problems that can come from it.

As always, if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms, are extremely tired or if you often have extreme pain, get checked out right away. Don’t take a chance. It could mean your life or more series health problems.

Freemason Community’s High Levels of testosterone


The freemason community is composed with a higher percentage of males to females.

With both genders producing levels of testosterone, but while male having high percentage than women (women do produce via their ovaries), this community of people tend to have more quantity than the other normal people. Not saying that they got unique feature, NO, remember the community does have hormonal changes or what. Having to be one, freemasons have to be able to apply free will in their actions and also be able to do a lot of charities and promote charitable causes. Hence my question, why do they have high levels of testosterone.

They include;


With a believer of having good health system, the community involves itself in the health sectors mostly. This enables them having easy access to pills that boost their testosterone to a high level. Without stressing their bodies like normal people do and only having to work with what the normal body has to this creates a good balance of hormonal changes in their body leading to height levels.The male and female have strong and defined jawbones as a result of using the synthetic testosterone (testosteronbrist men) and growth hormone injections. They always tend to want to be of certain figure that being masculine in nature with a well


Having to do most secretive rituals that put their bodies to have their bodies lose the ability to produce a sufficient quantity of the hormones that keep their bodies fit and healthy. The rituals are meant to strengthen their faith as they believe in supreme being and also commitment to their cause. This activity may have positive impact to the society and also being high levels of hormones as result of the imbalance.

3. AGE

It is well known that the groups consist of middle and elderly people. These people tend to have high levels of testosterone (testosteronin lisääminen). Especially the ladies as they hit the menopause that comes when they reach an age of 30 onward. This can be witnessed with the actives that they are involved in like high risk behavior like huge sex drive. Though not scientifically proven that they tend to be of, it not a matter of believe but the major thing that contributes them to tend to be so is there activities. Many will differ with me but with time It is always have a higher degree of truth.

Freemasons raise over £20 000 for health support


The United Lodger Geldrop has raised over £20 000 the past year. Ismail Sigers says this is a record and he is very happy to announce that the money will be donated to mens health network. http://www.menshealthnetwork.org/

«It feels very right for us to contribute to such an organization that does so much good work» says Bülent Schreven. The money has been raised through events and donations from the members of Geldrop Freemason community. The Geldrop community is all about helping families and people who are in need of assistance, whether it is finance, health or something related. In this case we wanted to help spread awareness around mens health and contribute to better research.

Ismail Siegers is very pleased with the result and the number of members who have decided to donate. He would like to spend the opportunity to thank everyone who donated or have contributed in any way. This proves how important an organization like this really is. Together we stand united and stronger, says Ismail.

A celebration is in its place now, says Bülent Schreven. The community will have a evening together and celebrate. A lot of hard work has been put into this and now they have succeeded.

The organization that is going to receive the donation is named mens health network. They help spread awareness around dieseases and preventing them from occuring. No member of their organization receives any profit.

The mens health network has a lot of good information about mens health. They help spread awareness about problems and plagues affecting men (mer info). They are also present in more than 30 countries worldwide. They have a lot of tips for men. They recommend every man above 30 years of age to take supplements of testosterone (les mer). One of the programs allows for men to take a free screening/test for low testosterone, blood pressure and cholesterol. This is important and can make men check if everything is running smoothly. A lot of men actually neeeds treatment without even knowing it themselves.

United Lodgers- Geldrop

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