Freemasons raise over £20 000 for health support


The United Lodger Geldrop has raised over £20 000 the past year. Ismail Sigers says this is a record and he is very happy to announce that the money will be donated to mens health network.

«It feels very right for us to contribute to such an organization that does so much good work» says Bülent Schreven. The money has been raised through events and donations from the members of Geldrop Freemason community. The Geldrop community is all about helping families and people who are in need of assistance, whether it is finance, health or something related. In this case we wanted to help spread awareness around mens health and contribute to better research.

Ismail Siegers is very pleased with the result and the number of members who have decided to donate. He would like to spend the opportunity to thank everyone who donated or have contributed in any way. This proves how important an organization like this really is. Together we stand united and stronger, says Ismail.

A celebration is in its place now, says Bülent Schreven. The community will have a evening together and celebrate. A lot of hard work has been put into this and now they have succeeded.

The organization that is going to receive the donation is named mens health network. They help spread awareness around dieseases and preventing them from occuring. No member of their organization receives any profit.

The mens health network has a lot of good information about mens health. They help spread awareness about problems and plagues affecting men (mer info). They are also present in more than 30 countries worldwide. They have a lot of tips for men. They recommend every man above 30 years of age to take supplements of testosterone (les mer). One of the programs allows for men to take a free screening/test for low testosterone, blood pressure and cholesterol. This is important and can make men check if everything is running smoothly. A lot of men actually neeeds treatment without even knowing it themselves.

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